Friday, March 2, 2007

Make Money on eBay - Include the Right Information in Your Listing

Make money on eBay by including the right information in your item listing. Most sellers focus on the listing title, the item description and the photo. It is also important to never forget all of the other details that make your listing stand apart from the crowd.
Those who make money on eBay know that there are many key pieces of information that prospective buyers want and need. These include information such as:

• Brand Name. If it is a well-known brand name, include it in both the title and in the listing.
• Include exact information about what the item is.
• What is the size and/or dimensions of the item?
• Is the item New or Used?
• What is the condition of the item (Broken, damaged, as new, or?)?
• If there are specific or special directions such as Washing Directions or Assembly Required, include that information.
• If the item is made to specifically work with another item, or only with another item, what is the item that it is compatible with?
• Shipping information - if you combine shipping include that so your buyers know that they can buy other items and save money on shipping by combining with those others items.
• Payment information. Include specific about payment options that you make available to your buyers.

To make money on eBay include all of the extra details that make your item stand above the crowd and make sure to answer any questions the buyer might have. Your buyers will appreciate having the information.

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