Monday, January 29, 2007

How Do I Start An eBay Business

You may have thought to yourself how do I start an eBay business? You've heard all the talk about how starting an eBay business can not only bring in an extra monthly stipend for you, but could possibly end up replacing your present income and allowing you to quit your day job. At least, that's the hype. But is there any truth to the hype? The answer is; it depends. Like anything else worth getting, your own eBay business can bring huge benefits, but you'll have to do some work. My only question is, would you rather work for yourself or for someone else your whole life?

So how DO I start an eBay business? Well, there are more ways than you might think. Most people when they think of selling on eBay they only envision cleaning out their garages of unwanted (by them and probably everyone else!) of useless trinkets. While this is a good way to get your feet wet and learn the ins and outs of eBay, as far as buying and selling, there are far greener pastures to graze! So the question remains: how do I start and eBay business? I'm going to mention several of the more effective ways and then you can pick out the one that suits your time, commitment and style.

How do I start and eBay business? Well if it was me, (and it was!) you can sell your own unwanted merchandise, that of friends (for a piece of the action, of course), items you find at garage sales, estate sales, etc., items through a dropshipper, your own information products, other's information products that you have resell rights to, or as an affiliate of eBay itself. There's even a business model now that lets you put active auctions on your site, and collect commissions when the auction sells! How cool! All these methods are different and I wouldn't advise trying them all at once. Pick one and see how it works for you, then add another to the mix as you can. The point is, there are many ways to make either a part or full-time income from eBay. eBay itself says that over 750,000 people now claim eBay as their primary source of income. None of these people started with anything except a question like "how do I start an eBay business?"
Take your time, do your due diligence, find a good fit for you but get started! Then when someone asks you "how do I start an eBay business" you'll have a great answer for them!
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